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GIY Stick


The GIY Stick makes pots self-watering using re-used bottles and fabric. It requires no App or batteries but simply mimics nature’s capillary action.  The GIY Stick ensures you don’t over or under water your plants […]


WasteShark is a waste- management solution that collects rubbish from harbours, canals and rivers to help prevent pollution. It is a solar-powered, autonomous Aqua Drone with on-board sensors and cameras that keeps it out of the way […]

Proximity Button

The Proximity Button is a wearable button that alerts carers when dementia sufferers or autistic children wander off.  The button attaches to a shirt collar of the patient or child and is very light and discreet. Carer’s […]


Sono Motors have introduced a solar-powered car – Sion, that uses moss as dashboard air filter. The car is inexpensive and low maintenance. Integrated solar panels are covered in polycarbonate to make the car strong […]



This wearable hydration monitor  gives you a complete picture of your health by monitoring activity, sleep, mood and HR. LVL helps optimize every workout, training set and race you do,  prompting you in real-time by alerting you […]


LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light and bookmark combined making it the ultimate multifunctional product for reading in bed. LiliLite is a smart product with a sensor that automatically turns the lamp on and off when […]


French designer Clement Balavoine has created Neuro – a new software that enables clothes to be designed and altered via a digital design process. Neuro is inspired by gaming avatars and introduces a new process that can radically […]

Sansaire Delta

Sansaire Delta makes it easy to cook perfectly. It transforms ordinary pots into elegant, sleek cooking devices. The Sansaire Delta app interacts with the device to adjust temperature, settings and time as well as monitoring […]

WeatherFlow SKY

Now you can get precise weather and environmental conditions at home using a WeatherFlow SKY Smart Weather Station. Use the data to save time and money, to increase safety and to improve home health. It […]


Geizeer offers eco friendly ice cooling to make work environments more comfortable during periods of intense heat, at a low cost.  Air conditioners are costly and not healthy to use on a frequent basis with excessive […]



RokPak is the world’s first solar charger, battery charger and drybox all in one. It is built for the toughest conditions and gives you the freedom to go anywhere with power. Rokpak combines all the essentials […]

Nope 2.0

Nope 2.0 is a webcam cover and magnetic privacy shield for desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

It is very easy for a device to be hacked and your camera turned on without you being aware. […]