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Zubits are a magnetic lacing solution that make shoes easy and avoids problems such as knots, loose laces and floppy, unsightly bows.  They allow you to slip into and remove your shoes as if there were […]


Glassify smart glasses allow a wallet-less night out. The glasses feature QR codes and NFC chips built into the base. Customers download the app and scan the codes and can then access a range of […]

Cardboard DRUMKIT

The cardboard DRUMKIT has been created to be an ethical instrument that is affordable, acoustic, easy to carry, store and assemble. Traditional drum kits are expensive, too loud, hard to assemble and difficult to carry around. Now […]

Bosebuild Speaker Cube

An effective way to get children interested in technology and science is to involve them in the process of making something. With the Bosebuild Speaker Cube, children can learn about science by assembling their own […]

WeatherFlow SKY

Now you can get precise weather and environmental conditions at home using a WeatherFlow SKY Smart Weather Station. Use the data to save time and money, to increase safety and to improve home health. It […]


Geizeer offers eco friendly ice cooling to make work environments more comfortable during periods of intense heat, at a low cost.  Air conditioners are costly and not healthy to use on a frequent basis with excessive […]



RokPak is the world’s first solar charger, battery charger and drybox all in one. It is built for the toughest conditions and gives you the freedom to go anywhere with power. Rokpak combines all the essentials […]

Nope 2.0

Nope 2.0 is a webcam cover and magnetic privacy shield for desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

It is very easy for a device to be hacked and your camera turned on without you being aware. […]

Sustainable six-pack ring

Millions of plastic six-pack rings are discarded each year and end up in the sea causing an environmental hazard to marine life. Now Florida’s Saltwater Brewery has created a sustainable, edible six-pack ring to prevent the […]

Boie USA

Boie USA is an antimicrobial, non abrasive toothbrush made from a medical grade elastomer that lasts twice as long as a nylon bristled toothbrush. It is functional, clean and environmentally friendly. The Boie USA bristles […]


Mistbox  is a bimimicry solar unit that makes air conditioning more efficient. It is a solar-powered device that easily attaches to any air conditioning unit and saves energy by spraying a fine mist to cool […]



Gululu have created wifi connected water bottles that make drinking water fun for children. Cute pets grow on the bottle as the children reach their water drinking targets. Kids get to choose a pet and set goals […]