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Nipi is a portable solar generator and smart cooler which is mobile, strong and solar powered. It keeps drinks cold, charges phones and keeps belongings safe – ideal for a camping trip. Nipi is the ultimate cooler with […]


Mune is a new kind of digital instrument. It is easy to use and combines the power of digital music gear with the soul and expressiveness of an acoustic instrument. Infinite sounds can be created […]

Kind Traveler


Kind Traveler is a travel site that allows travelers to donate to charity and in return receive exclusive discounts with sustainable ‘kind’ hotels. Customers select a destination from 10 cause areas including animal welfare, environmental and disaster relief. […]

Prisma Cold Brew

Prisma Cold Brew produces cold brew coffee in ten minutes. Traditional cold brew takes 12 or more hours to brew but by using a specialised vacuum infusion process, the Prisma coffee machine produces it almost instantly. […]

MycoWorks Animal-Free Leather

Start-up company MycoWorks is using mushrooms to produce sustainable, animal-free leather. It is made using mycelium- a mushroom fiber  that forms the base of mushrooms. The MycoWorks team injects the mushrooms with live cultures allowing designers […]


Jooki is children’s music player and jukebox that doesn’t need a screen. Instead it uses cute figurines to play audiobooks, Spotify playlists and iTunes albums. Parents select an animal figurine and assign a playlist using drag-and-drop […]

Tea Maker Nº1

Tea Maker Nº1 is a tea brewer designed to give you control of your tea’s flavour. Inspired by a traditional Chinese loose leaf tea brewing vessel, Tea Maker Nº1 is designed to celebrate pure tea and to […]



In Shanghai, Mobike is like Uber for bikesharing. It enables users to rent nearby bikes, and unlock with a QR code for RMB 1 per 30 minutes. Paris and London have already introduced bike-sharing schemes but […]



Zubits are a magnetic lacing solution that make shoes easy and avoids problems such as knots, loose laces and floppy, unsightly bows.  They allow you to slip into and remove your shoes as if there were […]


Glassify smart glasses allow a wallet-less night out. The glasses feature QR codes and NFC chips built into the base. Customers download the app and scan the codes and can then access a range of […]

Cardboard DRUMKIT

The cardboard DRUMKIT has been created to be an ethical instrument that is affordable, acoustic, easy to carry, store and assemble. Traditional drum kits are expensive, too loud, hard to assemble and difficult to carry around. Now […]

Bosebuild Speaker Cube

An effective way to get children interested in technology and science is to involve them in the process of making something. With the Bosebuild Speaker Cube, children can learn about science by assembling their own […]