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Whether you are a creative genius or a budding entrepreneur you will most likely face one of the following two problems at some stage in your professional life:


  • If you develop a new product, how do you market it around the World?
  • How do you get to see all the new ideas from around the World?


Finding the right opportunity, at the right time, to sell to the right market.
That’s the dream isn’t it?
So by establishing an agent in each city we will have the inside track to the most unique and innovative business ventures, ideas and concepts from across the World.
And we can all share them.


For the last 40 years Geoff Hindmarch and his team of experienced sales and marketing people has been launching new and exciting opportunities throughout Africa as www.88agents.co.za.
88International was formed in 2014 to create a central point where new ideas can be showcased and new opportunities found.

Why Are We The Best?

We are here to help entrepreneurs get their ideas and inventions out into the marketplace in an effective and organic way… there is no need for large corporations to jump in and scoop the profits. Joining together and sharing ideas and inventions creates a community of trust and with it comes great reward.
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List your business/opportunity and expand into new markets.
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