When large volumes of high quality water are needed, then Air to Water Africa has a solution that you should research. Large atmospheric water factories can be built to manufacture hundreds of thousands of litres per day. It is possible to create water at 20 to 24 cents a litre taking into consideration cost of the building and equipment, power as well as temperature and humidity. Our strategic partners have the engineering and manufacturing resources to get the job done. Air to Water Africa does not claim to have the total answer but rather an answer that can truly make a difference.

The concept is not new, nor is it complex technology, but the challenge is in its cost of application and product (water) quality. Air-Water machines are designed to produce their capacity volumes at the lowest possible electrical cost. The specific power consumption range for the various machines is 0.1-0.5

[kWh/l] and every machine goes into ‘standby’ mode when working volumes are reached there by conserving energy. All machines are capable of being generator powered if no electrical grid is available.

The process that Air to Water Africa creates is new good tasting water from the atmosphere. The systems of the Atmospheric Water Generators are protected and use the highest quality filters and uv treatment.

Locations vary with regard to the amount of water that can be produced because of differences in the dew point. Different amounts of moisture in the air (humidity) and temperature will determine the amount of water that can be produced at any given time. Air to Water Africa can deliver equipment that is mobile or at a permanent location. Created water can be stored in tanks, pumped into water systems in buildings or bottled. Air to Water Africa or the customer can monitor and control the equipment. The equipment will not leave any negative by-product such as reverse osmosis and desalination do. The equipment is designed with redundancy so that the equipment will rarely be totally shut down.