“This is a split keyboard that has been designed so that you can position your hands more ergonomically, and it has also been designed for competitive gaming/eSports in mind.” – Ubergizmo

“It’s certainly one of the more feature-packed split keyboards I’ve seen. It’s even got one of my favorite mechanical keyboard features, the ability to swap out switches on the fly.” – Kotaku

“This ergonomic keyboard is ideal for esports and offers you total comfort and control.” – Gadget Flow

“Dygma Raise is a revolutionary split keyboard that offers the possibility of working from the first moment with comfort, and at the same time gives you the option of looking for a deeper learning to try to optimize each pulsation.” – AS esports

In gaming, 0.1s can be the difference between victory or defeat. To play at our best we need to be physically and mentally in top shape. That’s why we’ve created Raise, an ergonomic gaming keyboard designed to increase performance, health and comfort.

normal keyboard forces the wrists to bend towards the pinky side of our hand. Rotating Raise’s halves lets you keep your wrists at a neutral angle, decreasing pressure and strain over time. You can also adjust the width between the two halves, placing them in front of your shoulders to reduce internal shoulder rotation.

Its configuration software allows you to create different layouts and toggle instantly between them. Every key in every layout is remappable and can be configured as a macro. Any key can have special behaviors if you tap once, several times or hold it.

Our software and firmware is open source. This means that anyone can make an improvement or program their own plugins and the whole community can benefit from it.

We’ve divided the spacebar into 4 and added 4 extra keys under it. They are comfortable to use because they are in the area where our thumbs naturally rest.

Raise is a gaming keyboard and a gaming keypad in the same device. You can detach either side and play with the other. This way you’ll have more space for your mouse and be able to play more comfortably.

The combination of nearly symmetrical and rebindable keys makes Raise perfect for left handed gamers.

 The palmrest elevates the wrist, increasing comfort and reducing the harmful anglecreated by the difference between the desk and keyboard height.

The palm pads are interchangeable. You can remove them and clean them.

All Raise mechanical switches are hot-swappable, so you can easily pull them out and replace them with others whenever you want.

Raise comes with Cherry MX or Kailh switches. You’ll be able to choose between the following 7 kinds.

Raise RGB backlight and underglow reduced the user’s learning curve when getting used to multiple layouts.

You can also assign a different backlight color to any individual key.

Many USB keyboards limit you to pressing 6 keys (plus modifiers) at once. The NKRO-over-USB technique we’re using works great on Windows, MacOS X and Linux without any special drivers.

We want all our users to feel a “wow experience” using Raise. That’s why we’ve focused on making it look and feel awesome and be more comfortable to use:

  • Extra USB slot– It’s always handy to have a USB port next to you.
  • Magnetic connectors– Instantly detach and attach any side. Change your setup instantly.
  • Full aluminium body– More durable and beautiful.
  • Magnetic inner joint – It feels solid when both sides are together and can’t accidentally split.