EyeQue Insight: fastest, easiest DIY 20/20 vision screener.
Know if you’re seeing 20/20 or less in minutes without leaving your home & track changes over time! Great for kids with developing eyes.

The EyeQue Insight™ is a professional-grade visual acuity screener that determines whether someone is seeing 20/20 or less (AKA 6 over 6 around the world) within minutes. Visual acuity is a fancy term used to describe clarity and sharpness of vision. If someone sees 20/20 that means he/she has normal vision as defined by optometrists. If, for example, someone has a 20/40 visual acuity, it means that “he/she must stand 20 feet from an object to see what someone with perfect vision can see from 40 feet away,” hence less than perfect visual acuity.

Combined with the myEyeQue VA app, the goggles attach to your smartphone to reveal what is considered an industry standard for vision testing, a “tumbling E eye chart”, and virtualizes 20 feet/6 meters distance to ensure accuracy time after time.

The self-administered test is super EASY (just swipe in the direction of the “E”) and FAST(under 3 minutes for right eye, left eye, AND both eyes), the randomized and gamified experience ensures that everyone stays engaged. Test results are instantly stored in the EyeQue Cloud™ to help you keep track of vision changes over time.