The Smallest, Filter-Free Air Purifier

Luft Qi is the first compact air purifier using nanotechnology to destroy mold, airborne bacteria, virus, odors, and toxic chemicals. Yes, with no filters! Since it removes harmful substances around you, Luft Qi helps you breathe cleaner air anytime, anywhere!

Clean Air Just For You

Luft Qi provides an innovative way to solve the most common problems caused by poor indoor air quality. If you ……

  • Suffer from allergies (Rely on medicine to stop your sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes for years?)
  • Feel tired, dizziness, or fatigue in the office
  • Tried to get rid of cigarette or tobacco smell
  • Don’t like the mildew smell in your car
  • Want to protect your newborn or your loved ones from airborne bacteria and virus
  • Have a newly decorated home, but bad odors make you uncomfortable. These are actually toxic chemicals emitted from paints, furniture, varnish, or flooring.

Say hello to the air purifier that will change your view of air purifiers forever. Equipped with the most advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology, Luft Qi is designed to clean the air around you.

What Does Luft Qi Do?

Just plug it in and Luft Qi will start destroying allergens, fungus, bacteria, virus, bad odor, and toxic gases for you!

With high performance, no filters needed, energy efficient, and good looks, Luft Qi helps you breathe healthier.

We Don’t Trap Them, We Break Them! 

Traditional HEPA filters trap bacteria and mold, and are also perfect places for them to grow. Studies have shown that those microorganisms can grow and multiply on filters quickly and release back into the air.

Unlike traditional HEPA filters, Luft Qi uses Nano Photocatalyst to fully destroy pollutants, instead of trapping them!

Independent lab results prove that Luft Qi destroys more than 80% of bacteria and mold in 30 minutes.

Compare the mold and bacteria in these two boxes. Image this is the air around you!

This time-lapse video shows how effective Luft Qi is:

Say Goodbye to Filters, Forever.

Since Luft Qi needs no filters, you will not only save hundreds of dollars on filters a year, but also save the earth! Imagine how many trees we can save if there are no more filters. 

Don’t Just Cover Up the Smell, Remove It!

Whether it’s pet smell, the mildew smells in your car, or the rotten smell from your trash can, Luft Qi’s patented nano-reactor can consume odor molecules and turn them into clean air.
Replace your air fresheners with Luft Qi to breathe truly clean air!

As Quiet As Rustling Leaves

Luft Qi doesn’t need a powerful motor, it is extremely quiet. With the noise of only 25 dB, which is between rustling leaves (20dB) and whisper (30dB), Luft Qi is perfect to be placed next to your bed, or in the nursery room.

Low Noise

No Pollutants Are Too Small

Viruses are too small and cannot be captured by most filters. With Luft Qi killing the viruses, you can protect yourself from common airborne diseases such as influenza (the flu) and enterovirus.

Zero Waste & Ozone Free

Luft Qi’s technology DOES NOT produce ozone, which is the byproduct of most ionizers or electrostatic air purifiers using UV lights.

Because we care more than just your air!


Embrace a Toxin-Free Living

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are most common in home with smokers, wood flooring, new furniture or new construction. These toxic gases are too small to be captured by HEPA filters. Only Luft Qi can break them at the molecular level.

91% of formaldehyde is removed by Luft Qi in SGS Certification Test.

Powerful & Durable Patented Nano-Reactor

The patented nano-reactor contains a high-quality brushless fan, also used for computer servers, so it is 100% safe to keep it running for 24 hours. Both the LED and fan last more than 40,000 hours – that’s more than 4.5 years!

Energy Efficient System

Luft Qi is small and doesn’t rely on big, high-powered fans, making it energy efficient and yet highly effective. Even if it’s on 24 hours a day, Luft Qi will cost you less than $5/year on energy bills.

Breathe Cleaner Air Anytime, Anywhere!  

No larger than a soda can, Luft Qi weighs less than 6 ounces, so it’s easy to keep it with you wherever you go.

The compact size fits conveniently in your car’s cup holders and can be powered directly through the power outlet.

Traveling to a Polluted City? Bring Luft Qi!

Air pollution is killing 7 million people a year, according to a new report from the World Health Organization (WHO). In some cities such as Beijing and New Delhi, the quality of the air is the equivalent to smoking 25 cigarettes a day.

According to an independent research, the PM2.5 can kill almost 50% of cells in bad air quality (AQI 500). In contrast, with Luft Qi cleaning the air for 4 hours, more than 98% of cells remained intact even in the most polluted air. 

If you live in or travel to a polluted city, make sure Luft Qi is with you!