What if your favorite earings could do more than just add sparkle to your face? Well, now they can! Our smart earings look like jewelry but really are bluetooth® earphones that can take and make calls, send alerts, order an Uber, and more!

Our smart earings are wire-free, hands-free, and distraction free. They are at your ear when you need them so when a call comes in, you won’t need to hunt for your earbuds or detangle phone cords. They can be worn anywhere and everywhere because they don’t look like intrusive tech. Quite the opposite in fact: they look beautiful, like pieces of jewelry which they are. And they just happen to have a certain special agent appeal about them, hidden tech in the guise of an earing! You might be forgiven for wanting to say, “My name is Bond, Jane Bond…”

So forget about holding a smartphone in your hands all the time, and don’t bother with in ear, on ear, over ear headphones. Wear our smart earings instead!