This is Spotted – an interactive travel game for kids that makes any trip fun! Spotted can be played in cars, trains, or buses, and keeps children entertained on long trips, without having to rely on smartphones or tablets. With Spotted, kids earn points by matching things outside with tokens on their Spotted board – and the one with the most points at the end of the trip wins! Apart from being fun, Spotted trains children’s attention, observation skills, awareness and memory.

Hi there! We’re happy to introduce you to Spotted: a travel game for conscious parents and their curious kids!

Long journeys in cars, trains and buses can be boring for kids if they aren’t kept busy. With Spotted instead, you can limit screen time and let your children interact with the real world the travel game for ages 6-14 (and up!). Spotted keeps kids entertained as they turn regular journeys into fun adventures!

Now you can keep your kids happy during car, bus or train journeys with Spotted the interactive travel game. With Spotted, kids don’t get bored as they look for the Spotted objects outside to match the tokens on their game boards!

Give your kids a break from tablets and phones – Spotted lets them learn and pay attention to the world around them instead.

As the Spotted game changes for every trip with the ever-changing scenery, it never gets boring. The Spotted game has 216 different tokens that are sure to keep the game exciting for every trip! Your kids will be entertained while learning new things, without you having to print out paper, or having them stare at screens for hours.

Spotted keeps your child’s minds active as they pay attention to the surroundings outside and try to spot the different objects for the game. No more boredom in the backseat, and no more screen-fatigue! With spotted kids can also learn a new language.

The Spotted games comes in a blue box, and the box contains 216 game tokens with different objects to spot, 2 wooden tablets for your tokens, 2 white token sacks for used tokens, and 1 black sack for new tokens, and 1 rule sheet. 

Playing Spotted is fun and the rules are easy!

Kids put 12 tokens each on their board (they will use 2 boards if they are 2 players).

Players look out the car, train, or bus window and when they see a thing that matches a tokens on their board, they take that token, and put it in one of the Spotted bags. The token is replaced by a new one from the Spotted token bag. Each token has a value number between 1-5 (depending on how hard it is to see that object). At the end of the trip, the players check their score, and the highest wins! The game duration is as long as the trip!

 The game contains 216 tokens, divided in 4 different types: 185 normal tokens in different categories: nature, people, buildings and constructions, vehicles, road signs, objects, actions. Below each image there is a description in a foreign language you want to learn (Spanish/French/German).

The score of the tokens rages between 1 and 5, based on how hard something is to spot. There’s also 22 interaction tokens, that can be used to change some of the tokens you have on your board if they player been playing for a while without spotting anything.

The game also has 2 blank tokens, saved for the creativity of the players  – you can draw whatever you want on them or you can use it as an interaction token (you can assign any interaction you want)
There’s also 5 SPOT tokens – the most special type of tokens in the game – they represent something negative outside the window. Spot is the only token in the game that has -5 pointsWhy? Because “that” shouldn’t be out there. This is the token that contributes most to the social awareness.

 Spotted can be played in a car, on a bus, on a train – pretty much on any road or rail journey!

Spotted is the travel game choice for the conscious parent! Created to build a healthy, fun and educational and interactive environment for kids, here are just some of the benefits of playing Spotted:

No more boring journeys!

Spotted keeps boredom at bay for every journey. Both children and parents suffer when boredom takes over in the backseat – keep kids happy and limit the risk of backseat fighting by playing Spotted!

Screen-time break

Spotted is beneficial to your kids’ development and gives them a well-deserved break from tablets and smartphones. Most parents know how addictive screens can be to children – Spotted has all the fun of an interactive ever-changing game, without any of the negative effects of staring at screens.

Practice a new language

Spotted lets children learn new words as the play! as Spotted comes in different language versions: English–French, English-Spanish, English-German, so players can memorize words in a new language! Just turn the token to see the word in a different language!

Improve memory and attention span

Spotted also trains children’s’ attention, association and observation skills, for a healthy gaming experience that lets your kid interact with the world.

Spotted was developed for people ages 6-14 and up! And we want to emphasize the “and up” part because it’s more fun if the whole family joins in! Spotted comes with two wooden boards but the rest of the family in the car, bus or train can take part too.

When the game begins, a Council must be formed by the player(s) and anybody else in the car that wants to help the player(s).

The Council’s mission is to solve any confusion or ambiguity that appears or comes along in the game. For example, let’s say the player has the token “puddle” on the pad, and he sees outside something that resembles more to a mini-lake. Does that count as a puddle? Well, the Council has to vote and decide if it is OK or not. And just like that, we used this rule as an opportunity for the kids to bond with the parents.