Kids’ school uniforms are already often labelled with name tags so that if they go astray, teachers or fellow pupils can return them. StrayHat aims to make this process a lot smoother.
Parent’s first order tags from the StrayHat site at a cost of AUD 20 for 60 tags, with each label featuring a QR code. When items get lost at school, Smartphone owners can simply scan the code using the app, available for free from the App Store. The app instantly sends a private message to parents or owners that details the item that’s been found and a map pinpoint of the location of its discovery. An arrangement to return the item can then be made.
Although StrayHat doesn’t guarantee that all lost items will be found, it ensures that discovered items have a greater chance of being returned. The labels are also small enough to be attached to almost any object — from clothes to lunchboxes and even jewellery. Are there other ways to track personal items with minimal investment?