Dygma Raise Gaming Keyboard


“This is a split keyboard that has been designed so that you can position your hands more ergonomically, and it has also been designed for competitive gaming/eSports in mind.” – Ubergizmo

“It’s certainly one of the more feature-packed […]

Delux Designer

The world’s first perfect assistant for designers to boost efficiency by 80% ✅ Fully customizable ✅ Customizable short-cut keys and macros ✅ Multifunctional Dial makes designing a breeze ✅ Works with Windows and MacOS ✅ […]

Peripherii Smart Earings

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What if your favorite earings could do more than just add sparkle to your face? Well, now they can! Our smart earings look like jewelry but really are bluetooth® earphones that can take and make […]

Prynt for Android


Prynt for Android: Turn your phone into an Instant Camera

At Prynt, we […]

The Xeric Trappist-1 Moonphase Watch

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The Xeric Trappist-1 Moonphase Watch: Bending Time & Space
NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system inspired us to imagine what a journey to these newly found planets might be like. The watch pays […]



Flter is a wireless router that provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and anonymity networking. Flter works at the router level so you don’t have to install software on every device you use. We also […]

Wiral LITE Cable Cam System


The perfect camera accessory to capture unique angles, giving your film that cinematic look!


Introducing Wiral® LITE – the first affordable, easy-to-use cable cam system for filming with smartphone, action cameras and mirrorless cameras up to 3.3lb (1.5kg).




We love […]

JAR Password Key


Passwords are a necessary evil that can drive anyone crazy. The nightmare of remembering all your passwords may soon be a thing of the past with a nifty little device from a German startup known […]

CropX Smart Irrigation


Water is a resource that needs to be protected and controlled and now farmers are able to ensure minimal waste when irrigating their crops using the new CropX system. Soil quality can vary widely within […]

Pedigree Found – The Lost Dog App


If your dog is a free spirit and has a tendency to wander off too far and for too long, then this new app by Pedigree is a must for you. And your dog! Register […]

Pixie Points


The Pixie Points sensors take advantage of augmented reality to guide users to lost objects. The adhesive smart tags can be attached to any object that tends to become lost, including toys, gadgets and pets. […]

Skyshot Helikite


While drones are extremely popular for shooting aerial videos, they do have their drawbacks; short battery life, complicted pre-flight procedures and they are a possible danger if they fall out the sky. Allsopp’s Action Cam […]